Available Reports and Work Products

In accordance with the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit, the Program is required to implement the following five copper control measures:

  • Manage waste generated from cleaning and treating copper architectural features, including copper roofs during construction and post-construction;
  • Manage discharges from pools, spas and fountains that contain copper-based chemicals;
  • Participate in the Brake Pad Partnership process;
  • Educate industrial inspectors on industrial facilities likely to use copper and ensure that proper BMPs are in place to minimize discharges of copper;
  • Conduct technical studies to investigate possible copper sediment toxicity and technical studies to investigate sublethal effects of salmonids. 

Useful resources which address copper control measures include:

  • Copper in San Francisco Bay: Resources to Reduce Scientific Uncertainties
  • The South Bay Impairment Assessment Report and Conceptual Model Report identified several technical uncertainties associated with the conclusion that it was "unlikely" that the Lower South Bay is impaired by copper. Most of these uncertainties apply to issues and phenomena that exist bay-wide (i.e., copper speciation and sediment toxicity). To track new information bearing on the identified scientific uncertainties and on any newly identified uncertainties, the Program developed the
    Copper in San Francisco Bay: Resources to Reduce Scientific Uncertainties website.  This website groups the uncertainties into six general topics and provides links to documents and other sites with applicable information.
  • Copper Sources and Management Strategies Clearinghouse
  • The Copper Sources and Management Strategies Clearinghouse describes fifteen copper sources and provides information on potential control measures for stormwater programs and publicly-owned treatment works.

Copper Monitoring Activities

The Program is conducting water quality monitoring of copper under the Revised Multi-Year Receiving
Waters Monitoring Plan. A full description of methods, results and conclusions relating to copper monitoring are presented within various Water Quality Monitoring Work Products.

Other Useful Resources  

A variety of useful reports and work products have been developed over the last several years to address copper sources and potential control measures. Available reports and work products are available here.