Construction Industry BMPs

Some common sources of pollutants from construction sites include: sediment from soil erosion, construction materials and waste (e.g., paint, solvents, concrete) and spilled oil, fuel, and other fluids from construction vehicles and heavy equipment. If not properly managed, these pollutants may be picked up by stormwater runoff and flow to local creeks and San Francisco Bay. Available resources providing best management practices for construction sites include:

Blueprint for a Clean Bay

The Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) developed Blueprint for A
Clean Bay as a guide to stormwater quality control at construction sites. The booklet contains several principles and techniques that may be used to help prevent stormwater pollution. It was developed as a resource for all general contractors, home builders, and subcontractors working on construction sites.

CASQA Construction Handbook

The CASQA Construction BMP Online Handbook/Portal provides guidance for selecting and implementing BMPs that will eliminate or reduce the discharge of pollutants from construction sites. It also details how to develop and implement stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) that document the selection and implementation of BMPs at construction sites. Only subscribers may access the BMP Construction Handbook/Portal.

Construction Industry Best Management Practice Brochures

To educate local residents and businesses on how to eliminate or reduce the discharge of pollutants from construction-related activities, the Program developed the following brochures describing best management practices for the construction industry.